Toronto, the big city in Canada. Whether you’re here to start a new life or to work, there will come a time where you have to spend some money be it for rent or food. If you’re a student, this might be hard as you’re trying to buy textbooks while at the same time you’re trying to juggle with your social life.
For parents, it’s not much easier as you have to pay taxes, bills, rent and your tuition for your kids if you have one that is. In this article we’re going to show you on how to stay on budget in Toronto, make sure to read this post to know what those tips are and hopefully you can save lots.

Free Events

There’s a myth that you need to spend money to have fun or to do some sightseeing in Canada, and that is wrong. Many events are free for you to participate or to see. Another tip is to find out when prices are much lower or free, for example, AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario) is free on the Wednesdays, and if you like movies, usually Tuesdays are the best days to go as prices are much lower.
A tip from us is to browse the internet or ask your friends in case there’s a free event that you can go, if you’re a student it is much easier as there’s usually a board of events on the campus.


WalkingInstead of using a car or getting to an uber, use the public transportation or even better, use a bike or walk to the place, because it’s possible to do so and you’re getting the exercise that you need.
Don’t do it when it’s heavily snowing though as there’s a high chance, you’ll freeze to death before you get to your destination.

Tip: Make sure to wear winter clothes when you’re walking in the snow, as the cold is not something to be underestimated.

Get a Library Card

ReadingIf you’re staying in Toronto as a student or to work, then it is a good idea to get a library card.
With a library card you’re going to get access to books, movies, archives, and some e-books that you might never know before, this is perfect in case you need to study or want to spend some time, lost in all the books. Some venues are only acessible when you have a library card, so better get one right away.