Quick Tips for Buying the Right Condo Unit

Buying a condo unit is not the same with buying a single-family house. The ownership status, responsibility, and restriction are all different. There are drawbacks and benefits that you may not get from the other types of property.

And although the money you spend may not be as much as if you buy a house, purchasing a condo is still a major decision that needs careful preparation.

Here are some quick tips for you!

Scouting the Amenities

a view from top floorLiving in a condo unit means having access to luxuries and amenities that are generally unaffordable if you were to build them by yourself. Swimming pool, gym facility, jogging track, and spacious parking lot are the typical facilities of a condominium.

Reading a brochure or an advertisement is not enough. You have to visit the condo by yourself and see if all the offered goods suit your need. For instance, one condo may highlight how high-end its pool is. To people who love to swim, that facility is valuable. But if you are not a swimmer, then what is the purpose?

In some cases, the location of the condo itself is its strong feature. If you happen to work in a business district, and you want to live close to your office, the chances are that the property’s price there is exorbitant. However, in that situation, condo units are often the best deal that you can get.

Requesting the Paperwork

urban life depictionIn case you do not know, the ownership of a condo is shared among all the unit owners. As a consequence, you cannot either renovate or modify your place if it violates the condo association rules. And in most cases, improvement is nearly impossible because it requires a very complicated process of approval. So if you do not mind staying in a building that will look the same for years, we may proceed.

What you have to know from a condo unit is that how the association runs the building. You have to learn about the maintenance fee, delinquency rate, and insurance status.

You may request the maintenance fee from the condo seller. If you use a realtor service, you can inquire about the association rules from him/her. But if the condo is still at a pre-construction stage, like Mirabella Condos, you can partake in setting up the condo rules. Typically, if you are among the first buyers, you will get a prominent position in the owner association. You can get the unit at a much lower price than if you get it from resale. You may also need to customize a lot of things in the unit’s interior.

The delinquency rate is measured based on the condo owners’ responsibility on the fee. If a condo has many delinquent owners, the delinquency rate is high. You may not get a direct impact of that status until you want to sell your unit. A condo with high delinquency rate tends to be cheap.

A condo unit has two types of insurance: the master insurance, and the individual one. The master insurance covers the risks of the whole building, while the second type is for individual units. You have to inquire about this matter to your realtor so that you will not get surprised by how the insurance status impacts your expense and the investment value of the unit in the future.

Getting in Touch with the Neighborhood

people in a business areaLiving in a condo means living close to other people. If you have issues with privacy, then a condo unit is not recommended. And to get to know the people who are going to live next to you, you have to confront them by yourself.

Visit the condo during weekends, and see how people interact with each other. You do not want to live in a neighborhood that does not welcome new people. Do not put yourself in a difficult situation because it may affect your life quality.…

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Why you Should Buy a House in Toronto

Some people work to save money, be it for buying a new gadget, a car or perhaps buying a ticket for a vacation. If you’re not one of them, chances are you might be saving money for a house or a place to stay. When the topic of buying a house comes up, there will be a debate between buying a house or a condo.
In this article, we’re going to recommend you some reasons on why you should buy a house rather than a condo in Toronto, make sure that you read this article to know what those reasons are, and hopefully, you made the best decision.


If you’re concerned or perhaps has a paranoia of crime in your house, then do not worry as the crime rate is low in Toronto, which means the case of a burglar getting into your house is pretty low.
With that being said, you still have to install a lock in your house though, never underestimate the power of a simple lock.
Installing a fence or getting a guard dog also helps, so make sure you avoid any stuff that might encourage burglars to break in or scheme to get into your house.

You Have a Green Thumb

GreenNo matter how simple and flexible a condo is, you can never get to grow a garden there as there’s no space and backyard to do so, this problem won’t happen if you buy a house though.
If you have a green thumb or thinking to start gardening as a hobby, consider buying a small house with a big yard instead, as this will satisfy your gardening needs. A mini garden is possible in a condo, but it will never be the same.

Tip: Toronto has four seasons, if you’re not used to it you better get to know so it won’t mess up your garden.

Friendly People

friendlyIf the last place you’ve been has some bad people or intolerable behavior from them, worry no further as Toronto is well known to have many nice people in here. Since Toronto is filled with diversity, it is inevitable that you’ll meet some wrong people, but possibly less than anywhere you’ve been.
With gay marriage being legalized since 2005, many people reside in Canada, and there’s a lot of international tourists as well, you won’t get bored when you stay here as people keep coming.…

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Reasons to Live in Canada, Toronto

Canada, the land of maple syrup, which is best served with pancakes in the morning, or at night depending on your preference. If you ever thought about moving, there will be a debate on where you’re going, There are some countries such as South Korea, France, Japan and many more, but today we’re going to discuss one specific place, Canada, Toronto.
If you’re thinking to move to another country, be it to start a new business or perhaps to move in with your family, then make sure you read this article as we’re going to discuss on why you should live in Canada, more specifically in Toronto. Read more to know what those reasons are.

Business Purposes

WomanThinking to start a business? Toronto might be the place for you as they are the center of the town, and not to mention spreading it globally can be very easy as it is near to other places such as united states and other countries as well, which is perfect for those who want to do a start-up. Not to mention with the international scale, it’s also easier to make connections as well.

Multicultural People

If you feel like a single culture in your country feels like a confined space, you won’t feel like that when you live in Toronto. When you live in Toronto, there will be lots of people starting from the locals, international travelers and many more.
It’s safe to say that there’s a lot of diversity that it will never feel like you’re confined to just one culture. With the significant cultural diversity, you also benefit with a lot of things to enjoy, starting from a wide array of food, music, fashion style, and many more.


If you’re a person that’s paranoid about the crime rate and everything, then we can guarantee you that Toronto is one of the safest places to stay. The Economist magazine also proved that Toronto is safe, as they are voted as one of the safest towns in Canada.


Gay Marriage

LoveIf you’re gay, then Canada might be the perfect place for you as gay marriage is allowed and they will not judge you for getting it, unless for some haters that are.
Gay marriage is legalized in Canada since 2005, and if your country disapproves you for being gay, then this is the perfect runaway for you as Canada will surely accept you for being who you are.…

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